Our Amazing Team

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Sweta Anand

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Market research and Customer support

Abhishek Mishra

CEO & Founder

Algorithm design, System Architecture and Technology

Angler Action is a growing army of anglers recording their fishing trip and catch data to benefit the future of gamefish. Our tools are developed through collaboration between research scientists and anglers.

Angler Action data fills a critical need in fishery management by collecting data on released as well as harvested fish. We collect information on fish relative sizes, numbers and locations that is only available from anglers recording their fishing trips.

Angler Action Mobile Application

Angler Action mobile applications allow you to log in the catch info while on the move.To get started with the Mobile Apps, you will need to download them from the iTunes (iPhone & iPad) and Google Play (Android). Links are available here

Angler Action Portal

Angler action portal can be used to manage your Catch records, Pictures, generate reports. You can share your trips on FaceBook, Twitter.

Technology: Grails, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap

Role: Grails, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap