Image Recognition

Based on your business requirement our team has expertise in building Image recognition systems for you. Below are some of the areas where we can help.

Our Amazing Team

We’re a multi-talented team. No matter what you need, rest assured knowing we have you covered. Visit the about page to meet the rest of our creative team.

Sweta Anand

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Market research and Customer support

Abhishek Mishra

CEO & Founder

Algorithm design, System Architecture and Technology

Image Categorization

Using Deep Learning technology we can train Convolutional Neural networks that can achieve around 90% accuracy in categorizing images into different classes. For example, we can categorize images as Male/ Female or even categorize clothing types.

Automatic Tag Extraction

We can build systems that can extract relevant tags from an image. A system under development is one which can extract the fashion tags from the picture of a model.

Object Detection and Recognition

We can build systems that can detect, recognize and track known objects in still and video images.

Face Recognition

Want to integrate face detection and recognition into your product, we can help you get started right away. Using off the shelf libraries and models trained for recognizing people we can get you exactly what you want.

We have worked with customers and helped achieve awesome results. We work with Core Java algorithms as well as the following technologies :