Machine Learning

We are helping several organizations worldwide in developing Machine Learning Solutions and embedding the solutions into their own applications. With focus on Distributed Machine Learning, the constellation expertise helps you get your projects up and running in a snap.

Our Amazing Team

We’re a multi-talented team. No matter what you need, rest assured knowing we have you covered. Visit the about page to meet the rest of our creative team.

Sweta Anand

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Market research and Customer support

Abhishek Mishra

CEO & Founder

Algorithm design, System Architecture and Technology

We work with your team in getting your machine learning vision come to life. Key activities we can get done for you are :

Identifying the principal features

Identification of features that matter is one of the most important steps in getting a model that can solve real problems. Using your data, our team does an end to end analysis, checking hundreds of data points that could be relevant.

Understand and clean your data

In this exercise, each data point or feature is cleaned up, normalized and fine tuned for usage in training the models. We have worked with Text, Numeric, Images as well as signals from devices and used them in training highly successful models.

Identify linear / non - linear models

We have developed an algorithm than can identify the perfect model to solve your problem. We can advise you on whether you should use a Neural Network or a Support Vector machine to solve your problem.

Train, Cross-validate and Test

We can train and retrain your models improving with every batch. With access to on demand machine learning on the cloud and our holistic learning approach, we can get you 80%-90% prediction accuracy in a very short amount of time.

Hyper-parameter Tuning

Most often the biggest dilemma that happens during model training is what hyper parameter set to use. How do you know what is best and how to validate if this is the best setting. With our expertise we can advise you on things like appropriate loss functions, gradients, iterations, regularization values, no of layers etc.

We have worked with customers and helped achieve awesome learning rates for different kinds of models. Algorithms that we support are :

Deep Neural Networks

For non linear problems like image recognition, we can help train a deep neural network for you.

Support Vector Machines

SVM’s achieve high degree of accuracies very soon and can be used for linear classification as well as multiclass problems.

K Means Clustering

For simple clustering problems we can help you train a K Means Clustering model.

Apart from training Java based models from scratch, Constellation works with the following technologies as well :